Most people think of sickness bugs and illnesses as things you catch outdoors or perhaps from other people. But what if that wasn’t completely true? What if you found out that in fact you and your family could actually be at risk of falling ill as a result of your own home.

As the end of summer approaches, and we head into the colder autumn and winter months it’s imperative you take precautions to fight off any nasty viruses and bugs that may be circulating both in and out of your home. As a domestic cleaning agency based in Hampshire, we’ve found that people often overlook ways in which their own home can contribute to their overall health. So, if you’re wanting to keep your home a ‘anti-sickness’ hub as the seasons change, you may want to continue reading!


  1. Mould

Mould thrives in damp environments and is often a popular trigger for allergic reactions and conditions such as asthma, so the key in tackling it is to keep your home dry and clean. mould is most often found in bathrooms and kitchens however can also be found in your attic and even your bedrooms – anywhere with a change in temperature resulting in condensation is an ideal place for mould to grow.  Regularly cleaning your bathroom with anti mould solutions is a great way to keep the mould away! You may also want to consider anti mould paint for your bathroom – a great way to protect yourself and your family from the health effects mould can cause.


  1. Dust Mites

Ahhh, these pesky little things thrive on humidity and warmth and are often a trigger for asthma, much like mould. Dust mites tend to thrive anywhere there is fabric and often show a particular interest in mattresses, pillows, bedding, sofas, cushions and curtains – much like us, they’re a sucker for comfort.

Although practically impossible to eliminate completely, without removing all fabric and upholstery from your home you can often control dust mites and their harmful effects by regularly hoovering fabric areas and carpets. Washing your bedding weekly and turning over your mattress every now and again will also keep them at arm’s length.


  1. Dish cloth germs

Ask yourself this question, are you one of the many who use the same dish cloth and tea towel for days and even weeks on end before washing them? If you are, shame on you! Wet cloths and sponges produce bacteria 20 times faster than when dry – making them the perfect breeding ground for germs! Using dirty clothes and sponges to clean dishes and even wipe down surfaces cause germs to jump from object to object – potentially making you sick.

To reduce the germs that thrive in your home start by disposing your sponges after 1 or 2 days (depending on how much you use them per day) and wash your dish clothes and tea towels in the washing machine on a regular basis.


  1. Hoovering

Here at Bennett’s Home Shine, we recommend hoovering your home twice a week. Your hoover is known for sucking up all the dirt in your home, but did you know that while it sucks up dirt, it may also be blowing it straight back into the air in your home? By regularly emptying the content of your hoover your minimising any risk of sickness.


If you’re finding that time isn’t on your side, perhaps because you’re a busy parent or professional that struggles to find the time to clean – Bennett’s Home Shine is a professional domestic cleaning agency that offer daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly cleaning- allowing you to sit back with the safe knowledge that you’ve done everything you can to keep your home germ free.

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