Keeping on top of your cleaning at home can be a challenging task. So, if you find that you’re just not able to complete the necessary cleaning jobs to keep your home tip top, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with the task of finding someone to help. In most situations this often means sourcing a responsible cleaning agency or individual cleaner. As an independent cleaning company based in Hampshire, we know better than anyone that your final decision will often be influenced by a variety of factors; in some cases, a professional cleaning company may be best suited to an individual’s needs and requirements, while in others an individual cleaner may be best suited.

If you want to find out some of the benefits of choosing a cleaning agency such as us, grab a cup of tea, sit back, relax and read on…

Reputation, reputation, reputation

Before choosing any domestic cleaner, it’s best to check their reputation. In the case of a cleaning agency, this is a relatively easy task. As an individual you’ll be able to check their website for testimonials from previous clients. In our case, please do check our Facebook page and or Google page to keep up to date with our latest client reviews.

However, when it comes to an individual cleaner, searching for reviews is unlikely to be that easy. Individual cleaners may not have a website, or platform to display independently verified reviews. Therefore, it is likely that your checks are likely to be limited to word of mouth recommendations, and while these can be reliable to an extent, they may not be truly independent.

 Holiday booked? No problem

If you hire an individual cleaner, are you promised a replacement should they go on holiday or fall unwell? Many individual cleaners may not be able to find a replacement for you, especially if cover is required at such short notice

While a cleaning agency cannot guarantee that they will always be able to find a replacement cleaner for you, Bennett’s Home Shine will always go above and beyond to ensure that suitable cover is always provided. This ensures that our customers still receive regular cleaning services from a trusted ad reliable cleaner should last minute cover be needed.

Insurance? We’ve got it covered

While cleaning may not be considered the most dangerous profession, it is still important that your chosen cleaner has adequate insurance in place. Insurance will protect you and the cleaner carrying out cleaning in the event of an accident- and yes, they can happen!

A professional cleaning agency will have appropriate insurance in place to cover the activities of its cleaners and Bennett’s Home Shine ensures that all cleaners are covered by the highest form of protection so that all of our customers can rest assured that we hold full public liability insurance to cover all of our cleaning services and cleaners.

Individual cleaners may have cleaning insurance in place to protect their clients, however it is not always clear who is responsible for having this insurance. It could be argued that as you have engaged the cleaner as an individual, they can be regarded as your employee. In which case, you would be required to arrange appropriate insurance as their employer. This can result in additional hassle and expenses that you, as the client, may not want to incur.

So, if you’re weighing up your options and have found that going with an agency is the route you wish to go down and want to source a reliable agency in your area, Bennett’s Home Shine cover the Basingstoke, Alton, Four Marks and Ropley areas, providing cleaning services so you can spend more time on the things that are important to you.

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