When it’s time to give your home a little TLC you probably dread cleaning those hard to reach stubborn areas, you know, the areas that you often find yourself tackling for hours on end trying to clean them properly? But, there’s good news! There’s always a way around the trickiest of areas to clean. Here at Bennett’s Home Shine, we pride ourselves on our expert cleaning services and advice, helping you spruce up your home in the easiest way possible.

Hard to reach dust

We all know just how much trying to keep on top of the dust around the home is a pain. Sure, it’s not a problem in most places because you can quite easily polish your coffee tables, but it’s always those tough to reach spots or the spots you forget about entirely that can drive you bonkers!

Picture frames and the top of kitchen cupboards fall victim to these forgotten places and are often missed out when you’re cleaning. Anything hanging on the wall should be taken down and dusted every month to avoid build-up. Why not invest in a duster with an extendable handle so you can really get into all those awkward nook and crannies. We’ve found that cutting down on the amount of dust in the first place is the easiest way to keep on top of this dreaded task. After all, the less dust there is in the house, the less will settle in those frustratingly hard to reach spots!

Behind the toilet

Hands down the worst place to clean, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Sure, it’s the area that gets neglected the most, but a build-up of germs can be dangerous, especially somewhere like the bathroom. The easiest way to get around this is to install a floating toilet bowl and eliminate that hard to reach spot all together! However, we appreciate this option isn’t always viable, so a good old mop and bucket tends to do the trick. As long as you give this area a good old scrub regularly to avoid a collection of dirt, the job should only take a few minutes! It’s only when you start avoiding this job altogether that the task at hand could potentially take much longer.

The shower curtains

When your shower curtains start to get wet and damp, it’s a feeding ground for mould and often gives off a musty smell. At this point many people would throw it away and replace it, however this can be a pricey solution. Luckily, it much easier than you think to get rid of the mould. First off, prevention is key- If you stop it from happening in the first place that is! The best way to do this is to dry your curtain out properly after use. We recommend turning the extractor fan on to allow the shower curtain to air correctly. However, if you find that just can’t fight the mould, here at Bennett’s we’ve come to find that a homemade solution of baking soda and vinegar does wonders! Letting the shower curtain soak in this mixture of a few hours and then popping it in the washing machine on a normal cycle (providing yours is machine washable!). If the mould is quote bad you may need to repeat this set a few times, however you’ll often find one wash does the job.

These areas of the house are always a pain to keep clean however, this is only the case if you find yourself avoiding cleaning in the first place! If you’re in need of some assistance when it comes to keeping your home in tip top condition, Bennett’s Home Shine is a domestic cleaning agency in Alton that can offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning solutions. Contact us on Joanne@bennettshomeshine.co.uk for a FREE cleaning quote today.